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    Comparison of MRI and CT for the detection of cerebellar (foramen magnum) herniation in …

     · PDF 檔案cerebellum either into or through the foramen magnum (1,2). Several articles have suggested mid-sagittal magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) as the preferred technique for visualizing the caudal fossa and diagnosing CM (1,3,4). This study compares MRI and
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    Upper Cervical Spine MRI
    (B) Axial T2 MRI showing medial path of the vertebral artery after exiting the transverse foramen of C1, before ascending through the foramen magnum. Both sagittal and axial views can be used to assess the course, with thin cut images allowing for a more comprehensive view of any vessel loops.
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    to establish the spatial relationship between the surfaces of foramen magnum (FM) and spinal cord (SC) identifying how much of the FM surface is occupied by the SC. Material and methods: 40 normal adults (23 females) with a mean age of 22 yrs (18-25) were evaluated through MRI to evaluate the sagittal and transversal diameter of foramen magnum and spinal cord. The surface area of FM and spinal
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    Chiari Malformation: A Literature Review Jessica Heithoff

     · PDF 檔案A sagittal MRI image where the blue arrow represents the Chiari Malformation extending below the foramen magnum with little CSF flow. The red arrow represents the syringomyelia.3 Chiari Malformation Type II becomes symptomatic in infancy or early childhood
    (PDF) Emergency Foramen Magnum Decompression for Tonsillar Herniation Secondary to Meningoencephalitis
    MDCT and MRI evaluation of cervical spine trauma
     · (c) Sagittal STIR image demonstrates high signal consistent with marrow oedema (black asterisk) and alar ligament injury (white arrow). Incidentally, there is protrusion of peg-shaped cerebellar tonsils below the foramen magnum (black arrow) consistent with a
    Foramen magnum decompression without bone removal: C1–C2 posterior fixation for Chiari with congenital atlantoaxial dislocation/basilar ...
    Meningioma – On MRI
     · Sagittal T1W MR image of the cervical spine reveals a large T1 isointense mass at the level of the foramen magnum (arrow). Even on this T1W image, at the superior portion of the mass there is a dural “tail.” Axial T2W MR image shows the mass is encasing the
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     · PDF 檔案junction showing severe narrowing of the foramen magnum, significant basilar invagination and marked upper cervical scoliosis; (C,D) post operative sagittal CT and MRI images, respectively, demonstrating the bony decompression and occipito-cervical fixation (OC-C2-C3).
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    The abnormalities are best shown on midline sagittal T1 weighted magnetic resonance imaging (MRI),2 but suspicious features on routine axial computed tomographic brain scans (an abnormal IVth ventricle, a “full” foramen magnum, and absent cisterna magna
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    Measurement of the position composed 5.1 mm below the foramen magnum line Fig. 33Position of the tonsils in case 3 on sagittal plane of T2weighted magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Measurement of the position composed 2.7 mm below the foramen magnum line Fig. 1a,b Position of the left cerebellar tonsil in case 1 on sagittal plane of reformatted computed tomography (CT) image.
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    Using sagittal T1- and T2-weighted spin echo (T1WSE and T2WSE) MRI sequences and pre- and postcontrast CT-images, the cerebellar herniation length (HL) (= the position of the tip of the cerebellar vermis relative to the foramen magnum) was measured (mm
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     · PDF 檔案 · basion–opisthion line on sagittal MRI (see online supplementary figure S2). However, de ning CIM according to a strict physical measurement is misleading since the foramen magnum is not planar, but a saddle-shaped ellipsoid. The literature is inconsistent in
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    Chiari Malformation
    1. MRI scan of the brain is regarded as the definitive test in the diagnosis of Chiari I malformation. It will show descent of the tonsils through the foramen magnum. This causes crowding of the brainstem at the foramen and even at the C1 and C2 vertebrae at times.
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    Sagittal Images 1 & 2 These sagittal sections are from right to left. The images presented here, one to seven, go to midline. Because all the anatomy seen is on the right side or in the midsagittal plane, right is not labeled and need not be labeled for testing purposes. 5 3 4 2 1 9 7 8 11 6 10 Reference 1.
    An Extremely Rare Case Report of Foramen Magnum Dermoid Cyst Presenting as an Acute Progressive Neurologic Deficit

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     · PDF 檔案tion of CT or MRI, joining the basion and opisthion representing the level of the foramen magnum. The traditional definition of type 1 CM as greater than 5 mm displacement of the cerebellar ton – sils below the foramen magnum is chal – lenged.15 Even a “mild3-5
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    Adult Chiari Type 1 Malformation with Holocord Syringomyelia Associated with Sagittal …

     · PDF 檔案28 M. Sano et al. Fig. 1 (a–c) Preoperative 3-dimensional CT revealed the absence of a sagittal suture but no scaphocephaly. (d–f) Preoperative CT showed protru-sion of the posterior rim of the foramen magnum and a tight foramen magnum. Fig. 2 Preoperative MRI showed tonsillar herniation to the foramen magnum, CM-1 (a), and holocord syringomyelia (b, c).